Use the Sly Fox Release to decock your crossbow without firing a bolt!

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De-cock your crossbow without shooting a bolt! 
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Sly Fox R6 is adjustable for all bow
   your bolt after hunting, and use the video below!                                     


De-cock your crossbow

Sly Fox R5-A.  May be used with any bow that has a "Bull Pup Trigger System", or "Anti-dry Fire mechanism.  See demonstration video below!


Demonstration Video for R5-A

Sly Fox R5-A.  This release does not require a saddle to be attached to your bow stock and will work with Anti-dry fire.



At L&L Crossbow Release Aid, our goal is to provide you with this simple to use device that will easily release the tension from your crossbow without having to fire an arrow.  You will be able to use our device to de-cock your crossbow! 


Visit our web store and you will find 2 different specially designed Sly Fox Trigger Releases to accommodate several types of bow stocks!   Your Sly Fox Trigger will come with easy to assemble instructions.

If you cannot hold the weight of your crossbow this release is not for you.  Sly Fox Crossbow Trigger Release Aid is used to retain the weight force of a crossbow until a person can pull up on the handles and slide it out of the saddle to lower the string to an un-cocked position.

types. As seen above, you may remove
R6 to de-cock your bow.  See demo

Sly Fox R6 is adjustable to fit almost any crossbow.  This release comes with an attached bolt to use with the anti-dry fire and bull pup systems!


without shooting a bolt!